Yakima Crossfit is the premiere Crossfit facility in the Yakima area.  Whether your goal is to lose a few pounds or compete in the sport of fitness you will achieve your goals while joining a supportive community of people.  Crossfit is a fitness program like no other.  You owe it to yourself to come down and try out a free workout and see what you’ve been missing at Yakima Crossfit!

There are many definitions of fitness, Are you fittest if you are the fastest? Are you the fittest if you are the strongest? At Yakima CrossFit, we believe the answer lies in the CrossFit definition of fitness.


“He/she is fittest who is statistically best at most things that come out of the hopper.”

You are probably wondering, what is a “hopper”? CrossFit uses the hopper analogy to explain why the fastest or strongest athlete in the room is not necessarily the fittest. A hopper is a funnel-shaped container which contains materials that are ready to be dispensed, you see them in raffles where many names are put in and they roll it a few times and pull out the winner. CrossFit describes a hopper as full of every physical challenge a person could possibly have to overcome or complete in their lifetime. Examples of these physical challenges/tasks are: lifting a heavy tire from the trunk to change a flat, pulling a sled full of kids across the snow, jumping over a fence when locked out of the house, or even having the flexibility to fit through the upstairs bathroom window to get back in, etc.. and so on…. The most fit athlete would be able to overcome more of these challenges than their less fit counterparts. Our goal at YCF is to train our athletes with the CrossFit program to achieve an elite level of fitness that is not only functional, but motivating and rewarding!

Yakima Crossfit Class

With our 6000 sq ft box Yakima CrossFit is the premiere facility in the Yakima area! We were the first and now the most established CrossFit box in Yakima Washington, and have a group of coaches with a depth and breadth of experience in Exercise instruction and the Sport of CrossFit. Although as a YCF athlete, you do not necessarily have to be competition minded, the good news is, if you train like a competitor you will end up in the best shape of your life!! So come one come all to join our community of like-minded people who strive to accomplish their goals, and encourage others to reach theirs as well… Yakima CrossFit is a positive, fun environment where you can expect to work hard and play even harder🙂 EVERY ATHLETE is celebrated and developed at their own pace based on individual goals, in a team atmosphere where you bond with the athlete next to you as you work and sweat by their side and then celebrate your successes together!! Call or text Yakima Crossfit for more information 509-952-4475 or 360-791-5455.